Go Anywhere, Go Beyond

AWD is fundamental to Subaru’s commitment to driving safely. SOLTERRA’s two eAxle motors independently driving the front and rear wheels provide the fine-tuned torque control that takes Subaru AWD to an even higher level. In addition, X-MODE and the new Grip Control give rough-road performance beyond expectations for an EV.

AWD System

Subaru’s AWD technology and experience now come to an EV. Due to functions of eAxle motors at the front and rear, power distribution and brake vectoring are controlled continuously and precisely to maintain grip for each wheel. Grip optimised to road conditions assures stable traction on wet or slippery surfaces.

X-MODE featuring Grip Control

X-MODE enables SOLTERRA to drive through the toughest conditions, including deep snow or mud, to deliver outstanding rough-road driving performance. New Grip Control maintains a constant speed uphill and over broken terrain, allowing the driver to concentrate solely on steering.

Road Clearance

SOLTERRA is a genuine SUV with the ground clearance needed to go rough-road. In addition, approach, departure and breakover angles are calculated to protect the body and battery.