Battery Electric Vehicle

New Power, New Possibilities

Powering a car with electricity opens a new world of possibilities: the newly-developed e-SUBARU GLOBAL PLATFORM with a compact high-capacity battery integrated into the vehicle’s frame for greater rigidity.
Front and rear eAxle motors give better handling, greater safety, and the quiet response only an EV can provide.


SOLTERRA is built upon a brand new platform designed to maximise the EV’s performance. The high-capacity battery is located under the floor, lowering the centre of gravity to improve handling and also bring an extremely space-efficient layout that increases cabin size. Furthermore, the battery pack’s case forms a monolithic structure with the body frame to enhance rigidity.

Power Unit (Motor/Battery)

The front and rear axles feature compact eAxle motors with instantaneous delivery of full torque for powerful, quick response and linear acceleration. S PEDAL DRIVE allows dynamic control of acceleration/deceleration from the accelerator pedal, and the battery temperature is controlled by a water-cooling system to secure stable performance.


Extended range and compatibility with high-output chargers in all regions support SOLTERRA’s utility. 150kW DC quick charging takes the battery to 80% capacity in 30 minutes, while battery heaters secure short charging times and stable output in winter. Remote monitoring of charge status and other functions via smartphone is also available.