About Liaco

Liaco Limited is a private family-owned business based in Malta with over 5 decades of experience in the mobility sector. Established in 1967 as a new vehicle importer, we are best known as the first and longest-standing Subaru distributor outside of Japan.

About Us

Liaco Limited, originally trading as 'Francis Xavier Lia & Co,' began operations in 1966 from our first iconic showroom in Mosta. As pioneers, we were the first overseas distributors to import Subaru vehicles. In 1967, we introduced the local market to the charming Subaru 360, the first Subaru car, affectionately known as the Ladybird due to its distinctive shape. Over the years, we marketed various models, including the Subaru J-Series and E-Series, Subaru Sambar, Subaru 1000, Subaru FF-1 1100, and Subaru R-2, which succeeded the Subaru 360. Today, many of these iconic Subaru models, including the very first imported Subaru 360 sold in the late '60s, form part of our private collection and are occasionally seen running on Maltese roads. In a relatively short time, the Subaru brand in Malta developed into a leading automobile player in a highly competitive market. In 1991, we achieved a significant milestone by making Subaru the best-selling brand in Malta, thanks to an outstanding product and our bold marketing approach. To enhance our brand image and commitment to excellence, on 17th April 1998, we inaugurated our current headquarters at the purpose-built Subaru Centre on Mosta Road, Lija. This modern, state-of-the-art facility is located on the main thoroughfare at the outskirts of Lija, a village in the central region of Malta. It offers excellent connectivity across the island and is in close proximity to Malta's main hypermarket and most popular shopping village. The facility includes a large new car showroom, service garage, parts and accessories retailing, and other core departments, providing a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience. At Liaco Limited, we prioritize listening to our customers, discussing their concerns, and understanding their needs. This approach allows us to meet the demands and requirements of today's customers, ensuring top-quality service at all times. Our ability to anticipate client needs and continually expand our range and after-sales services has been key to retaining and gaining customers. With over five decades of experience as Subaru Distributors, we look forward to a promising future of continuous innovation and further achievements.