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Why Service at an Authorised Repairer?
Subaru vehicles are renowned worldwide for their excellent reliability performance. It is important to keep in mind that servicing is one of the essential factors determining the longevity of your vehicle.

Being the owner of a modern vehicle, you will know that it features highly advanced technology including special electronic components and other relatively recent innovations such as fuel injection, ABS, airbag and others. These features can only be inspected and serviced by qualified technicians using special Subaru tools.

Diagnosis need not be a headache, provided you have the right equipment

The Subaru Service centre in Malta fully meets Subaru's demanding standards. It is equipped with all the proprietary mechanical and electronic equipments required to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective servicing of Subaru cars. Furthermore our range of specially programmed computer systems provide all the right information and data that will help guide our already experienced personnel more accurately.

We are always up-to-date on technical matters related to the cars we sell. We receive continuous updates on technical development and information from our suppliers, as well as other data which is essential for carrying out servicing and dealing with uncommon repairs.

Before any work is undertaken on your car we will give you an estimate of the costs involved. All the work carried out by our service centre is guaranteed by a warranty period and only Subaru genuine parts are used. In this way you can put your mind at rest that your car is receiving the best technical service which it merits!

To arrange a booking at your convenience, it is advisable that you book your service in advance by phoning on 21 418111 extension 14. Remember to bring along with you the car log book, Warranty booklet (if applicable) and any other related documentation.