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Subaru's car-making philosophy puts people first

Subaru’s people-first approach to car making is born from the ethos we cultivated as an aircraft maker — that of the uncompromising pursuit of safety and drivability.

Subaru engineers
sense versatility safety
around your life.


  • Subaru Boxer® Engine
  • EyeSight
  • Symmetrical AWD

Striving for a truly moving driving experience. Placing above all, the lives of all those who interact with our cars. Satisfying peoples needs for versatility. At Subaru, we aim to take life’s possibilities to newer and greater heights.


Bringing the highest level of safety to the real world.
Subaru's strict safety-first design philosophy delivers the world’s highest level of automotive safety — anytime, anywhere. We always put people first, delivering safety and peace of mind not only to the driver but also to their family, pedestrians and others. This is our most valued car-making principle at Subaru.


Going beyond high-performance for a dynamic quality that is truly moving.
By fully understanding the driving experience and taking automotive performance to a higher level that encompasses such sensations as smoothness and comfort, we have created a quality driving experience that is fundamentally different from anything that has come before it. At Subaru, we are continuing our quest for a level of quality that goes beyond “high-performance” and produces a truly moving experience.


Bringing out life’s possibilities.
A car is a tool used to mobilize people and allow them to do more and be more.That’s why Subaru doesn't follow fads. Instead, we adhere to a simple design philosophy rooted in the understanding of human mobility. In doing so, we aim to be a trusted partner of all types of drivers and passengers for years and years to come.