• STI shift knob, Aluminium & leather (6MT)

    Optimally weighted for ease while providing outstanding grip and vibration control.

  • STI quick shift linkage 6MT

    Reduced gear lever for shorter, faster throws between gears for more rigid and direct shifting feel for STI.

  • Carpet Mat Premium

    J505EVA200 / J505EVA200RH
    Superior quality, custom-fit carpeted mats complete with STI logo.
    *Front and Rear set.

  • Rubber Mat

    J505EFJ000 / J505EFJ000RH
    Custom-fit, heavy-duty rubber mats protect the floor from the elements.
    *Front and Rear set.

  • Side Sill Plate

    Elegant stainless-steel sill plate equipped with a Subaru logo.
    *Front and Rear set.

  • Ashtray

    Cup-type ashtray to fit exactly in the centre cup holder.

  • Cigarette Lighter

    Changes the accessory socket to a cigarette lighter.

  • Armrest Extension

    Replaces the centre console lid for extra storage and sits higher for more comfort.