• Carpet Mat Standard

    J505EAL100 / J505EAL100RH
    Custom-fit carpet mat with logo.

  • Carpet Mat Premium

    J505EAL200 / J505EAL200RH
    High-grade carpet mat with logo to create a luxurious interior feel.

  • Rubber Mat Front Set

    J505EAL000 / J505EAL020
    Heavy duty rubber mat protecting the vehicle floor mat from mud and snow.

  • Tray mat RHD


  • Ash Tray (In Cup Holder)

    Convenient interchangeable ashtray fits into the center console cup holder.

  • Cigarette lighter

    Installs into the accessory socket location of the cover centre console pocket.

  • Cargo Socket

    Conveniently installed in the cargo compartment to supply 12VDC power.

  • Illuminated Side Sill

    Stylish mouldings with logo and illumination to enhance the appearance of the side sill area.