Few other SUVs drive with the level of confidence and responsiveness of the Forester, and the main reason for this lies beneath the surface—the SUBARU BOXER engine. Its horizontally opposed configuration places the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower, flatter profile than other engine types. This gives the engine, and therefore the overall vehicle, a lower centre of gravity and better sense of balance. Further, the pistons’ opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration.

    MAX OUTPUT: 108 kW (148 PS) / 3,600 rpm
    MAX TORQUE: 350 Nm (35.7 kgfm) / 1,600-2,400 rpm
    6.3 lit./100 km (Lineartronic), 5.9 lit./100 km (6MT)
    CO2 EMISSIONS (*1):
    163 g/km (Lineartronic), 152 g/km (6MT)

    MAX OUTPUT: 177 kW (241 PS) / 5,600 rpm
    MAX TORQUE: 350 Nm (35.7 kgfm) / 2,400-3,600 rpm
    FUEL CONSUMPTION (*2): 8.5 lit./100 km
    CO2 EMISSIONS (*2): 197 g/km

    MAX OUTPUT: 126 kW (171 PS) / 5,800 rpm
    MAX TORQUE: 235 Nm (24.0 kgfm) / 4,100 rpm
    FUEL CONSUMPTION (*2): 8.5 lit./100 km
    CO2 EMISSIONS (*2): 196 g/km

    MAX OUTPUT: 110 kW (150 PS) / 6,200 rpm
    MAX TORQUE: 198 Nm (20.2 kgfm) / 4,200 rpm
    FUEL CONSUMPTION (*2): 8.2 lit./100 km
    CO2 EMISSIONS (*2): 189 g/km

  • Increased Stability

    Because the engine block has a flatter profile and sits lower in the chassis, the overall vehicle is more stably balanced and resistant to side-to-side motion than other designs.

  • Long-lasting Performance

    The engine’s flat design is inherently rigid and self-balancing to achieve durability and reliable performance, generating less vibration than V-type or in-line engines in the same class.


    Control leads to confidence, and stability creates an agility that excites in the Forester. Subaru vehicles are gifted at inspiring confidence behind the wheel, thanks to the inherently stable design of Symmetrical AWD paired with the uniquely balanced SUBARU BOXER engine. This system delivers power to all four wheels at all times for enhanced control on all roads and in poor conditions. It has excellent side-to-side balance and handling precision, thanks to its main components being aligned longitudinally, whilst its low centre of gravity creates an especially engaging and responsive drive. The unique advantages of Symmetrical AWD make for exceptionally rewarding handling and empower you to better avoid danger.


    For responsive handling and capability over a variety of surfaces and conditions, the Forester is equipped with an advanced front and rear suspension. With spring rates and dampening dialed in for smooth surfaces as well as rough, the Forester is a true multi-purpose vehicle. For DIT models, the front suspension features friction-control oil seals, guide bushings, hydraulic fluid on the struts, and optimised suspension tuning—all working together to help smooth vibrations and decrease body roll. Also for the DIT model, the rear support sub-frame provides a more rigid base to mount the rear suspension, for a more controlled ride and more responsive steering.


    For instant, seamless response to changing conditions, the Lineartronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) uses a chain instead of a belt—allowing a greater span of overall ratios for improved performance and efficiency as well as a faster response to throttle input. It’s longitudinally paired with an active torque-split AWD system that responds to traction conditions, the transmission and driver inputs by continuously controlling the torque distribution front to rear.


    Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) can adjust the responsiveness of its drivetrain to support your driving style, road conditions or any driving state at your immediate request. Quickly re-map the throttle response and automatic-transmission shifting behaviour to ensure that you always have the best performance for any circumstance.

  • Sport Sharp Mode (*3)

    With the focus on response, Sport Sharp mode drives the engine to its maximum potential. In this mode, the engine responds directly to the accelerator for a more powerful delivery when accelerating. Use the paddle shifters in Sport Sharp mode to take more control of engine performance with eight gear ratios—like an 8-speed transmission—for truly spirited driving.

  • Sport Mode

    Sport mode delivers smooth engine performance at any driving speed. You’ll immediately feel a linear response that brings to life the refined, torque-rich response.

  • Intelligent Mode

    SI-DRIVE activates Intelligent mode for immediate driving response and environmental responsibility. Throttle mapping balances smoothness and efficiency for an enhanced level of control.

  • X-Mode and Hill Descent Control

    “X” marks added capability for any driver, on most any road. With a push of a button, X-Mode takes control of the engine, transmission, AWD, brakes, and other components to safely navigate through bad roads and slippery surfaces for maximum confidence. For challenging descents, Hill Descent Control enhances confidence down the steepest of hills you’ll encounter by providing constant, controlled momentum so the driver can focus more on steering the vehicle—and less on braking.

  • Engineering that doesn’t quit.

    The Forester was engineered to help you conquer ledges, rocks, trees and other obstacles you may encounter without sustaining damage or getting stuck. The larger the object, the larger the approach and departure angles needed to prevent damage to the front and rear bumpers. Optimised for both, the Forester’s ground clearance maximises break-over angles, minimising your chances of being hung up from underneath.

*1 Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: According to EC715/2007-2015/45/W.
*2 Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: According to ECE R101-01.
*3 3-mode SI-DRIVE (Sport Sharp mode, Sport Mode and Intelligent mode) is available only on 2.0XT. Other models are available with 2-mode SI-DRIVE (Sport mode and Intelligent mode).